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javier_martiJAVIER MARTI – Javier Marti ( is Bitcoin Global Investments’ founder and Managing Director. Business consultant and entrepreneur with ample experience in three different business sectors in four countries.  Founder of the first and main Bitcoin meetup group for Bristol and the South West area of the UK.

An avid follower of future trends through more than 2000 posts on his blog, Javier shares his insight in the areas of technology, psychology and business with audiences around the world including University College of London, Marketing Magazine UK, the University of Glasgow, City of Bristol college, International General Counsel magazine, University of St Andrews, Compass Magazine, Digital Money Conference, Bristol Community Radio, Bitcoin Magazine,, and others. Javier’s regular media features assist journalists and the general public to learn more about, and understand Bitcoin’s potential uses and its future. Javier is also the author of several articles on Bitcoin including “Up and down: the positive and negative consequences of dramatic bitcoin price corrections” and “Do Bitcoins hold intrinsive value, or are they “overvalued?”

Years ahead of the end of the property bubble, in 2004 Javier authored the essay “Your job will go too, but you can do something about it”, predicting the massive negative effects that illegal immigration, robotics, automation and offshore outsourcing would eventually have in Western societies.

In 2007 Javier authored the 347 page book “Mobile, Domains and The Future” predicting, among others, the current global depression and its effect on mental health, the taxation of virtual goods and services, the decline of the role of computers as the main technology access point in favor of mobile phones, the expansion of Google’s services as an interconnected meshed ecosystem surrounding the user, and the advent of “free” as a business model.

Javier’s experience of the “big picture” includes having lived, studied, worked and conducted business in several countries around the world, as well as being an HMI-certified Hypnotherapist and founder of, one of the fastest-growing Hypnotherapy service providers in the UK. Prior to becoming an independent businessman, Javier worked for top organizations including the Hyatt group, Royal House Interinmobilia, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts and others.

A fluent English and Spanish speaker, Javier presents on a variety of topics including business, future trends, future business opportunities, technology, virtual currencies, sales psychology and subconscious mind influence – in the UK and abroad.

Javier on Bitcoin:
Do Bitcoins hold intrinsive value, or are they “overvalued”?
Up and down: positive and negative effects of dramatic Bitcoin corrections
Bitcoin and the “smart people investing in it”

Javier’s Blog Bitcoin section:

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HUGO AGUIRRE HERRAINZ- BGI’s Chief Technology Officer, Hugo is an experienced Senior Software Engineer with ample experience in a variety of languages and platforms including JAVA, Xpath, XML, Json.

 Hugo’s work on the design and implementation of optimized algorithms, coupled with his extensive knowledge of C++, JAVA and web languages allows him to consult effectively with clients to obtain project requirements, allocate and organize human & computing resources, and deliver software packages with enhanced functionality based on the client’s requirements. Hugo’s background and experience includes, among others, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (egde technology), Multicom (search engine and algorithms), Movilitas (web solutions) and Advanced Computer Graphics group (graphics and optimization). Hugo is fluent in English and Spanish.

Hugo’s background and experience includes, among others, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (EGDE technology), Multicom (search engine and algorithms), Movilitas (web solutions) and Advanced Computer Graphics group (graphics and optimization). Hugo is fluent in English and Spanish.

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Pioneers bringing the power of predictive and multi-source analysis into the world of Bitcoin.

BGI Partners

The founder of, and, British-born Robert Hasstrup-Timmi, is BGI’s chief strategy consultant.
A passionate startup entrepreneur with an iconic personal brand and several years innovating and founding scalable MVP’s with projected exit valuations in excess of $1 Billion each in a diversified media & digital asset portfolio. Robert’s experience in the US includes as an equity Compensation Analyst at Macromedia and Merryl-Lynch, is further expanded by Robert’s strategic skills in the fields of brand development, startup strategy implementation & execution, consulting, advisory, business development and negotiation, HTML5, SaaS, Cloud Solutions, API Integrations & Big Data.

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Sourcing the best talent, technologies and projects, wherever they are found

We collaborate with a team of international Bitcoin experts on a regular basis, and are always open to partner with the best Bitcoin talent and service providers around the world.
We carefully select and partner with the most reputable Bitcoin companies and professionals.
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