Why Bitcoin? The Blockchain is the key

Learn more about the global currency fast becoming one of the best investmentt opportunities of all time. Backed by the power of the latest technology and a resilient, decentralized and secure network of nodes, Bitcoin delivers value at the speed of light, anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems..

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A wide range of Bitcoin services

Be it in the form of multimedia presentations, industry reports and analysis, the provision of proprietary, sophisticated investment indices and tools, we save our clients time by providing the right information, exactly whe it is needed, in the right format.
Because time is money...and information is power.

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What will happen tomorrow?

BGI is the first company to bring algorithm-based predictive data analysis to Bitcoin.  Our proprietary, highly sophisticated indices allow organizations, private investors and traders to make well-informed decisions on timing and expected return of any investments in Bitcoin currency or in Bitcoin-related companies or projects.

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As the first Bitcoin consulting company, we bridge the gap between investors -big and small- and visionaries at the forefront of the Bitcoin revolution.

BGI offers investors and digital-currency visionaries a unique opportunity to be a part of the Bitcoin revolution through


Invest in Bitcoin currency, Bitcoin-related projects
and top Bitcoin talent.

Be part of one of the most profitable revolutions in the history of the world, with the Bitcoin specialists


We are at the forefront of the Bitcoin revolution, heping you see the future before your competition does


Investing in Bitcoin with the Bitcoin specialists.

Since 2013 BGI is revolutionising the way the world invests in Bitcoin and Bitcoin-related companies and projects.

Join us now and enjoy the benefits of the best information and services in the world of Bitcoin.

We are one step ahead. Now you can be part of the future with us.


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Save Time. Increase Profits.
BGI keeps you one step ahead


BGI investment indices are provided in a variety of time-ranges, in order to best assist decision making in the short, medium and long-term:

  • BGI Short Term Index (BGIST) – Input: Present to 30 Days – Ideal for short-term trades or short-term investments into the Bitcoin space.
  • BGI Medium Term Index (BGIMT) – Input: Present to 180 Days – Ideal for medium-term trades or medium-term investments into the Bitcoin space.
  • BGI Long-Term Index (BGILT) – Input: Present to 360 Days – Ideal for long-term trades or long-term investments into the Bitcoin space.

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